TMS SMART: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Scalp Mapping of Annoyance Ratings and Twitches

TMS-SMART (Meteyard & Holmes, 2018) is a method to select stimulation sites for human TMS studies which allows you to control for the subjective annoyance, pain, and muscle twitches, as well as for visible twitches and reaction time changes associated with single-pulse TMS at 43 different sites on the scalp. This website allows you to browse the data visually, and to retrieve suggested control site locations. We are also compiling a database of adverse events in TMS studies.

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Meteyard & Holmes (2018), Manuscript - Appendix B


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Please contact us if you'd like to contribute some data to this project - we would like any data where you have two more more different TMS locations, the same behavioural task performed with TMS at each location, and reaction times and/or errors for each location.